A Message from Rabbi Elie Weinstock


Develop for yourself a Rabbi, acquire for yourself a companion, and judge all favorably. (Avot 1:6)


The New York Board of Rabbis is an organization for rabbis to learn and be inspired by other rabbis, to create meaningful connections and friendships, and to come together without judging each other all in an effort to benefit the Jewish and broader community.


Today, too many people spend too much time in echo chambers of their own opinions without consideration, regard, or respect for anyone with a different view. The New York Board of Rabbis is the perfect response to this phenomenon. Our organization includes members from across the religious and denomination spectrum – old and young, Reform and Chasidic, Democrats and Republicans, and more. 


As an organization, we are involved in all areas of the rabbinate – synagogues, educators, chaplains, and community leaders. We serve as a spiritual resource to Jewish communal organizations; city, county, state, and federal elected officials; NYPD, law enforcement, and FDNY; foreign ambassadors; and, above all, the State of Israel. The NYBR maintains warm relationships with leaders of the Christian and Moslem communities.


The New York Board of Rabbis is comprised of spiritual leaders who create connections to study, learn, enrich, and embrace each other, the Jewish community, and the broader society in which we live.


Thank you for being part of our holy mission.


–Rabbi Elie Weinstock

66th President of the NYBR

Rabbi Elie Weinstock, Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach,
66th President of the New York Board of Rabbis