A Message from Rabbi Joseph Potasnik


We at the New York Board of Rabbis are proud to be the primary address of the pluralistic rabbinate.  Someone described us as “many locals belonging to one union.” The critical challenges confronting our community today require a collective response in which we of different denominations cooperate with one another to find meaningful answers. Given the widening divide in our society, it is reassuring to have sacred space where diversity of thought and unity of spirit can stand together.

The middle letter of the Torah is the Vav, a conjunctive meaning “and”. We are much stronger as a people when the different denominations are connected to one another. None of us has all of the answers, but together we can find them. Being a rabbi is a demanding calling, and thus we need one another for collegiality and communication, two major resources of our rabbinic family.


We are also grateful to our partnership with the Lay Advisory which works together with our rabbis to further develop necessary strategies in addressing our concerns. We welcome you to be part of the NYBR for comradery, communication, and cooperation. 

I am confident that you will find your relationship with us as fulfilling as it has been for me throughout the years. We look forward to including you as a member of our family. 



Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, 

Executive Vice President