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Religious tradition teaches us to open our doors widely to those in need. The NYBR works to fulfill this sacred obligation throughout the year using funds raised during the Annual Passover Campaign.

The NYBR Passover Campaign

  •  Provides Seder packages bringing Festival food to over 4000 New Yorkers.
  • Brings ongoing spiritual support to victims of elder abuse and domestic violence.
  •  Supports training and education to confront child abuse and cyberbullying.
  • Enables Chaplains to dispense compassionate care on a daily basis to individuals in nursing homes, assisted living, mental health and developmental facilities as well as correctional institutions.

Whether helping a family when illness strikes, providing care to victims of abuse, responding to disaster or assisting the community in the face of crisis, the NYBR meets the ongoing challenges of aiding those who are most vulnerable while weaving a stronger communal fabric. We urge you to become our partner in the vital work we do and take a financial stake in our mission – knowing that you will make a difference in the life of another human being.

It is often said, “May all who are hungry, come and eat.” As we celebrate this sacred season, may we continue to open our doors as widely as possible for all who seek to enter. We hope that you will contribute to this important cause.

Graphic of New York Board of Rabbis Passover campaign
Graphic of New York Board of Rabbis Passover campaign